Critique Corner

Palette with Mostly Desaturated ColoursIf you’ve a painting or drawing you’d like to get feedback on, this is an opportunity to get a critique. The art critique will be at least 200 words and written in a way that aims to be helpful and constructive, not negative. The focus will be on what works, in our opinion, and what you might still consider doing with it.

There are two options: either a critique that’s published online along with your photo of your painting and statement, or a private critique sent by email.


How to Submit a Painting or Drawing for Critique:
1. Decide which critique option you want, then pay the relevant fee using PayPal (you don’t need an account just a credit/debit card).

Critique Online £5 (approx US$7) Buy Now Button

Critique by Email £7.50 (approx US$11)  Buy Now Button

 Once payment has been made, you should be brought back to this page automatically. (If you think this is expensive, consider how much you spend on a coffee and slice of cake that’s consumed in 10 minutes.)


2. Email a photo of your painting to us using the contact form below, along with a few sentences about it and  details of the size and medium used. Write your artist’s statement as if you were telling a friend about your painting or drawing. Tell us what motivated you, what you were aiming to achieve, how you feel about it, any particular problems or questions. Note: Submissions received without the payment of a critique fee will be deleted. Photos must be .jpg format, maximum file size 2mb.


3. Wait patiently until your critique is written and added to the Critique Corner Gallery or emailed. We endeavour to write them timeously, but it’s not going to happen instantly and probably not overnight either. Please wait at least 10 days before sending a “where it is?!!” email.


Use this form to submit your painting to Critique Corner, after you have paid the relevant critique fee.
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Acceptable file types: jpg,jpeg.
Maximum file size: 2mb.

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